The Near Future: An Introduction

Expecting & Waiting …

As far back as I can remember, way back into my childhood, I've had the feeling that a huge catastrophe will happen; a significant event that will bring widespread disruption to our steady and safe way of life. It has to be bad enough to disrupt civilisation and remove all the control that we have spent hundreds of years to construct. The control that prevents us from being the selfish, destructive, ruthless and abhorrent 'animals' we really are. Remember, I live in England and even the two World Wars didn't produced this kind of disruption on English soil. So what I'm expecting has to be very bad.

I know it's coming: I've dreamt about it; written about it; drawn about it. For around half a century I've been expecting it. You see, I know

something is coming…

But What, War?

In the 1970s and 1980s my thoughts were predominantly concerned with what man might do — would there be riots and revolution? Would we start a nuclear war? A full scale revolution, or a war may produce the type of disruption I had in mind. A large nuclear exchange would certainly cause it. But the years passed and nothing happened.

As the 1980s drew to a close, it became clear that no one would disrupt the status quo. The post war monster, the USSR, was having serious problems of its own and wouldn't be in a position to start and win a nuclear exchange. Then the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and the USSR began to disband. Through the troubles Russia reappeared, battered but not beaten; and in a decade Russia is back to its former strength.

So the nuclear threat hasn't disappeared.

Now North Korea has joined the nuclear community. It successfully developed its nuclear weapon programme (against global international wishes) and tested its first nuclear bomb in 2006 and its first hydrogen bomb in January 2016. In the twenty-teens they developed a long range delivery system for their nuclear warhead.

Usually when the prophecies of the future are interpreted, the interpreter connects the whizzes and bangs with inter-continental nuclear war. It shows what a fear we have of these weapons in an almost unconscious way. Since this has only happened in the "nuclear age", it shows how quickly the human mind can change and add another condition to our instinctual fears. And I thought this way too, until the world changed.


During the 1990s terrorism began to have a greater impact on the UK. Before then, serious terrorism had largely been abroad. Our 'local' terrorists in Northern Ireland had been active on mainland Britain for some time, but it was fairly clear they wouldn't be a significantly big threat and they didn't seem to be wanting to create a great catastrophe — mainly, I suppose, because they were still politically motivated and hoped for some resolve to their plight.

More recently, the secular, political motivation of what one could call 'traditional' terrorism has given way to a much more fanatical variant, often with extremist religious overtones. This new form of terrorism is both indiscriminate and bloodthirsty. This threat is posed by a number of organisations — historically Al-Qaeda, but also from many others. Most recently, a threat has arisen from Islamic State (IS). These organisations are difficult to deal with as they don't ask for political concessions. They want to annihilate all those who stand in their way — the more, the better. Indeed, more and more terrorists appear to be fascinated by the sheer number of deaths they can inflict.

This urge to become increasingly lethal is a very disturbing trend. The explosion of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, the bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma, of large apartment blocks in Moscow and the destruction of the World Trade Centre are all examples of this trend.

Great Britain has been caught up in the 'Muslim Jihad' — with a coordinated attack by 4 suicide bombers who bombed three tube trains and a bus in London on 7th July 2004. Casualties were at least 48 people killed and around 700 injured. France was caught too, on Friday 13th November 2015: Friday night's deadly attacks in Paris by three coordinated teams of gunmen and suicide bombers hit a concert hall, a major stadium, restaurants and bars, almost simultaneously — leaving 130 dead and more than 400 wounded.

Interestingly, in the twenty-teens terrorist methodology began to change. Previously the greatest threat was from clandestine cell structured organisations. A number of attacks have taken place internationally (including the murder of Fus. Lee Rigby in Woolwich in 2013, and the Ottawa shootings, Sydney cafe siege and notably the Charlie Hebdo Paris shootings throughout 2014 and the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice in 2016 and a string of incidents in 2017) that typify the contemporary threat from 'lone wolf' attacks. These are events perpetrated by independent attackers that are possibly inspired by but not coordinated or ordered by groups such as those above. These individuals may be 'home grown' indigenous terrorists who are willing to cause harm within their own country. Indeed, many 'home grown' terrorists have traveled abroad to get terrorist training and returned home again to become 'sleeper cells'. And in the twenty-teens many would-be terrorists have slipped through boarders into europe disguised as refugees from the middle east. Indeed, as IS disbanded as an army when their claimed territory was taken back by force in 2018, many European IS fighters have returned home.

These events also typify a move towards 'close quarter commando' attacks in place of (or in combination with) more traditional Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attacks. Commando attacks can range in sophistication, from use of military-grade tactics and weaponry (such as the Mumbai 2008 attacks and Paris 2014 & 2015), to a crude attack on a target in the street with a bladed weapon (as per Woolwich in 2013, the New York axe attack in 2014, Westminster and London Bridge in 2017). The 2016 trend is to use a vehicle as a weapon before alighting to continue the attack.

The Islamic terrorist threat seems to be here to stay. And because IS are in a rather unique situation they get a section of their own here.

Despite this trend for lethality, it would have to be a really significant terrorist incident to test the framework of society and produce the terrible struggle for survival I feel this event will be. The only possible terrorist incident that could wreak enough damage to be considered a national, continental or world-wide disaster would be NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) attacks.

Fortunately there have only been a few instances of terrorists using NBC weapons:

  • In 1995, citizens of Tokyo had no warning when members of the cult Aum Shinri Kyo released Sarin into Tokyo’s subways. The result of this terrorist attack was 12 casualties and 5000 injuries.
  • There have been at least seven chemical and biological attacks in the US since 1984.
  • The 1984 contamination of salad bars in The Dalles, Oregon, by a religious cult involved a common salmonella strain.
  • In 1998 attacks at US abortion clinics have shown how easy the use of a simple chemical, butyric acid is.
  • In 2002 anthrax attacks in the US killed five people, infected scores, placed 13,000 people on antibiotics and paralysed the Washington DC mail system.

There are reports (late 2015) that IS are using Iraq's chemical weapon experts to try and develop a useable and reliable nerve gas agent — both Syria and IS have used chemical agents in the Syrian rebellion. There have been historical instances of chemical weapons being used in conflicts in the Middle East: by Egypt in its support of South Yemen during the Yemen War (1963–1967) and by Iraq during the Iran-Iraq War (1980–1988), including against its own Kurdish citizens (1988).

Without a major country's nuclear arsenal, only biological attacks are likely to have sufficiently far reaching consequences to cause an event huge enough to bring about a breakdown of society.

Nature's bite?

During the late 1980s, I began to change my focus away from man-made destruction towards nature's wrath; I realised that nature is far more powerful than man. Whilst man may use NBC weapons to create a catastrophe, nature can do it so much easier:

  • The Indian Ocean tsunami of Boxing Day 2006 killed over 250,000 people;
  • A single landslide of rock debris from Mt. Huascarn, Peru, killed over 18,000 people in the town of Yungay on May 31, 1970;
  • An estimated 900,000 people were killed when the Huang He (Yellow River), Huayan Kou, China, burst its banks in October 1887;
  • When the Tambora volcano in Sumbawa, Indonesia (then the Dutch East Indies) erupted from April 5-10, 1815, 92,000 people were killed; and
  • An earthquake that struck the Shaanxi, Shanxi, and Henan Provinces of China on February 2, 1556, is believed to have killed approximately 830,000 people

I'm not the only one who started to wonder if a natural event would test mankind. In the 1980s and 1990s, science began to realise this too. Research into Near Earth Objects (NEOs), Tsunamis and Volcanism became popular and more serious. Science started to think of the world as a unified system and see the effects of climate change and the effects of man's disregard of his host planet — and how any disruption could have wide reaching effects.

Now, in the 21st Century, science is beginning to discover how delicate the world climate system is; and how it has fluctuated wildly in the past. And now there is more of an understanding of how vulnerable mankind is environmental changes:

  • We now know the earth's climate swings quite abruptly between warm and cold whilst still following general trends — and the change happens fast, much faster than previously thought, probably because we're beginning to think that NEO strikes caused most; and
  • We now know the tectonic plates are far more fluid than we imagined; and
  • We now know much more about Earth's extinction events than we did; and
  • We now know how easy it would be for there to be a world-wide famine; and
  • We now know that the magnetic pole changes polarity very quickly; and
  • We now know there are more NEOs than we thought and that a NEO hit can cause massive destruction — and we realise NEO strikes are much more common than previously thought; and
  • We now know that the magnetic pole shifts quite dramatically at times; and
  • We now know that tsunamis can be produced in many ways and that their size can be much greater than we thought possible — even to the scale of megatsunamis; and
  • We now know there are super-volcanoes with tremendous destructive power.

In fact, this century is beginning to be a real eye opener: science is confirming the fears some of us have had for a long time. Science knows something will happen in the future, but in the shorter term — our near future — science doesn't know if

something is coming…

What are the odds?

I don't think mankind will be behind the big incident I am expecting. For a man-made incident to have a nationwide impact (or bigger), it will need to be a biological incident, a significant nuclear exchange, a serious economic collapse or an all out war or revolution. At the moment a world war or a significant nuclear exchange is very unlikely; and a very serious economic downturn (without a huge disaster to bring it on) seems unlikely; more likely is a terrorist, or accidental, release of a biological agent.

However, we all know that nature will throw something dramatic at us sometime and, it seems, there is a greater chance of a pandemic outbreak than there is of a man made biological incident. Unfortunately, there is no way of actually telling the likelihood of anything happening, nor is there any way to predict anything either — we simply do not have enough data: our known history is far too short. As a result our future has always been unknown. Is that how it is supposed to be?

When will it happen?

I have been waiting around 50 years and now I'm old and still nothing has happened. I started to question if anything would happen in my lifetime. Have I been I wrong all this time? Was it all an elaborate fantasy?

Then I read somewhere that Nostradamus predicted that 30 Dec 2100 would be the end of the "major inundation and great mutation events" stage of history. Later on I read that Edgar Cayce had foreseen his reincarnation in 2100 and he said the earth changes (he too had prophesied) had happened and that calm had returned. Two prophets that say the upheavals had finished by 2100. Even Sir Isaac Newton calculated the end of the present era as being 2060. So there are three prominent visionaries that all see the changes being complete between 2060 and 2100.

This started me thinking: if everything had completely settled down by 2100, when did they start? So counting backwards from the year 2100:

  • After a big catastrophe it may easily take 40-50 years or so for civilisation to settle down and get back to normal (particularly if the event was really big). That could bring the end of the event back to around 2050.
  • The catastrophe may last a good 10 years. If there are significant earth changes then these are likely to come in cause and effect waves. Such huge disturbances will hit mankind severely, so the chaotic effect could easily last years. This means the start of the event could be as early as the 2040s, or possibly even the 2030s.

So it's possible that the events may start as early as 2040, possibly even earlier. This is getting close to a date I might see as I'll be 80 in 2040. Therefore, it's quite possible I'll see the start of these events.

If I see the start then my feelings (held for so long) will prove to be correct. Maybe I'm not so mad after all!

I think there is some sort of collective consciousness in society as there are so many doomsayers these days. Whether this is the leftover from the millennium or a steadily increasing number I can't tell. Apparently there was a similar increase in doomsayers a thousand years ago during the first millennium anno Domini. Us humans don't like change, do we?

As time passes, the likelihood of a significant natural event increases. This is simply because natural events happen periodically; not necessarily regularly, but periodically. So while nothing has happening, it must mean that something is closer to happening! It doesn't actually help in forecasting our future, nor calculating the odds of something happening in the near future, but statistically we must realise that

something is coming…

My Research

Because I was questioning my long held feelings, I decided to see if I could find pointers to what the future may hold. As three prominent seers have given me the chance that I could still be right, I wanted to know if there was anything else that supported my thoughts. So I collected information in an effort to give me a clue as to what will happen and when. As I expect it to happen in my lifetime, I know it'll happen in the near future — simply because, at my age, I don't have a distant future!

I have been told!

My religious background is Spiritualism (read more about me here) and this will show up as I interpret the clues (although I'm going to try and play fair and be as objective as I can). I'm not going to argue whether or not there is life after death here; I'll just say: I have had all the proof I need and I can accept the truth as the Truth. You will have to make up your own mind but, either way, read what I say and then see if you recognise any truth here.

In fact it is Spirit who have given me hints to a dire future throughout the years — stuff that I couldn't put into context at the time, so the warnings were missed and the comments were dumped somewhere in the jumble that is my memory. When I started this investigative work and uncovered some things of significance, the comments from Spirit began to make some sense. Spirit had warned me that a huge catastrophe will happen. Unfortunately they didn't spell it out so that thick ol' me would understand. It has taken this work for me to realise what the messages meant.

I must clarify:

  • this catastrophe is not religious. It won't go away if we all start to be good people — if there was such a time (and I'm very dubious) it has long passed;
  • this catastrophe is not the End of Times (also called end times, end time, end of days, last days, final days, or eschatonor) although it's pretty similar;
  • this catastrophe is not Armagedon, the epic war between good and evil; this war will not be carried out on Earth; this war is already happening (it started in the 1980s) in the Spirit world. That message I did understand when it was given;
  • this catastrophe will happen, is just another natural occurrence…

Something will happen and it will be catastrophic. Mankind will suffer in a big way and millions will die, but there will be survivors:

  • When I was younger I thought that I would survive to guide a small group of people through the horrors. Heroically, of course.
  • In my middle age I was undecided — would I guide some people through or would I instruct someone else to do this? I began to wonder if I might die early and help mankind from the Spirit World.
  • Now that I'm older, I doubt I'll live long enough to see much more than the start of this event. I expect 2029 to be the beginning and by then I'll be 69. I've already reached the age and condition where I will have to take an advisory, rather than an active, role (I can just about walk; a 'combat' environment is way beyond me). During catastrophic events, my chances of surviving (as an old, disabled, chap) are extremely slim. So, if I can make it to see the start, this series of events will kill me. Disappointing, true, but not really unexpected.

So (if I live long enough) it seems I will die during the early years of these events and help mankind from the Spirit World after all. D' oh! It's not always nice to be right. And it's very funny, for as I'm prophesying the future I am actually forecasting my own death. I hadn't realised this at the start, but when I did it had an unusual effect on the mind…

Find clues where I can

I have tried to gather as much information as I can; In this, the "Future", section of my web there is:

When I started my research, science couldn't guide me very far (or I didn't think so at the time), so I turned to predictions. Was there a common theme that would point the way? I found as many predictions as I could and, oh yes, there certainly was a common theme. I researched more and definite themes emerged. The predictions even began to agree with the few snippets of scientific fact I had. And as science comes up with new theories, incredibly I find they often agree with the predictions too.

A theme emerges

The overall theme that the predictions foresee was something I had considered in the past (when I first began to consider natural catastrophes), but I had not looked closely at this type of event and I hadn't grasped how serious it could be:

•  In Europe this will be more like an extinction event, rather than a mere trial and tribulation.
•  In fact, it's likely to be the biggest killer since the Clovis extinction annihilated north america.

I should have known; the people I know in Spirit are very worried that they may be part of this near extinction event too. If things get bad here on Earth and many die at once, they don't know if the Spirit World is able to accommodate a huge influx — they are seriously concerned that their world may die if we all end up queuing at the 'pearly gates'. I was told this years ago and I now know what they were talking about.

How could I have known that events about to transpire in our near future — this century, within a lifetime, within MY lifetime — are to be so dramatically devastating? In the settled, 'first-world' countries we are not used to anything that changes our lives or our environment. We may harbour dark thoughts for our future but we have no knowledge, no comprehension, of the enormity of change that can occur. It's just so difficult to get your head around something this big!

Prophecy and Fact agree

During my investigations I had many instances where findings corroborate something I already knew. Or, sometimes, what I found added more proof to something I had deduced from information uncovered earlier.

I have had some real eureka moments with the sudden realisation of the meaning of some of these findings:

  • I had drawn up a map of destruction from towns named in the prophecies. I was stunned when found a NASA predicted impact path map and found it was identical (see above). This really is the BIG coincidence. There can be no doubt what event was prophesied by so many seers.
  • I was surprised when I realised that the prophesied "holes in the sky" were actually gravitational keyholes for close asteroid approaches. The "gravitational keyhole" phrase couldn't have been understood before it was first used in 1999 and here it was being referred to in the 1920s!
  • I was shocked when I found out that science now believes we have been hit by many asteroids — far more than was believed even 5 years earlier.
  • And I found other matches between prophecies and science. As time progresses, scientific knowledge is beginning to point towards something happening too.

Are these just coincidences? I doubt it. I think there is a clear message being given by the predictions — and the clear message isn't good news!

Prophecy and fact are agreeing more and more: every time I review this information (and I review it regularly), I find that a bit more of the predictions can either now be understood or is now found to be true. It is this gradual understanding, as man's progress and knowledge allows science to agree more with the prophecies, that makes me more sure that this is not all baloney and that a path to the future is set; and in the near future

something is definitely coming…